AIRmaker Demoday!

1 Aug 2017
Brain Dynamics just graduated from AIRmaker, a Singapore-based IoT-focussed accelerator, following three intensive and memorable months in Singapore and Shenzhen.

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User Test of MEMPO project for Blind Children

21 Mar 2017
Mempo was supported by Funding for Promote Disable People Wellness to research and develop learning equipment for blind children. Mempo had developed by Brain Dyanmic Technology and BlixPop.


Top 10 Finalist in MITEF Maekhong Regional 2017.

24 Feb 2017
In 2016, Brain Dynamic Technology presented its new solution for helping paralysed people who cannot speak to communicate via its communication aid system which is controlled by brain signals.

innovation award

Brain Dynamic Technology got innovation award

6 Jul 2016
Brain Dynamic Technology received an innovation award for Technology Investment for SMEs Conference 2016 organised by Software Park, Thailand. The international conference was attended by investors and visitors from various nations for example USA, UK, Germany, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, etc.

Mind Connection

Mind Control over Lighting!

1 May 2016
Brain Dynamic Technology collaborated with AnonPairot Design studio for the 'Mind Connection' at the Architect Expo Bangkok 2016. The installation used Brain Dynamics' technology to allow people to control the pattern of light via their brain signals.


Thailand Innovation and Design Expo 2015

30 Sep 15
Brain Dynamic Technology and AnonPairot Design Studio was launching the first prototype of Pyne under Improwish brand. Pyne is the wearable brain sensing device that can connect to mobile phone.

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