Brain dynamics

About and History

Brain Dynamics is a team of people who are passionate about increasing the wellbeing and quality of life of people suffering from conditions which leave them unable to communicate. Formerly known as Brain Dynamic Technology Co. Ltd, a research and development company established in 2014 in Thailand, the company established itself in Singapore in 2017 as Brain Dynamics Pte. Ltd, with the objective of becoming a world leader in brain computer interface technology. Brain Dynamic’s has pioneered a new communication method capable of accurately reading and interpreting a person’s brain signals, allowing them to communicate in a way that was never possible before.


Brain Dynamics is working closely with a number of industry leaders for the development of its solutions, including one of the leading laboratories for brain computer interface research in Asia, the BCI Laboratory at Mahidol University, Thailand. The start-up is also collaborating with Anon Pairot Design Studio to build Improwish brand, and Thailand company Blix Pop, which specialises in the development of products to improve the lives of disabled people. 

BCI lab Anon Pairot design studio blixpop Pic