Communication aid system

Communication aid system controlled by brain singal

The device tracks P300 electrical signals in the brain which are mapped using Brain Dynamics’ speech generating software - allowing those unable to communicate to put their thoughts into words.

powering to communicate by brain technology

Brain Dynamics' communication aid system consists of two parts, a wireless brain signal measuring device, and speech generating software operated via tablet. The system is easy to set up, instantly allowing the user to control the tablet via their brain signals.

  • Communication Aid System
EEG Monitoring System

EEG Monitoring System

Since 2018, Brain Dynamics have designed and developed the 24 Channels Electroencephalography Monitoring System for clinical use. The avaliable clinical applications are Routine EEG, continuous EEG monitoring, EEG for sleep monitoring.

Polysomnography System Sleep Test System

Polysomnography System

In 2020, Brain Dynamics have started working with EEG Technicians, Neurological Physicians, Sleep Technicians, Sleep Specialists , and others domain experts in Thailand to develop the complete polysomnograpy system.

The system includes EEG amplifier module, Multiparameters monitoring module, Electrode adapter box, Smart pulz (vital sign and body position sensor), and Brain Dynamics Polysomnography Software.

In 2022, Brain Dynamics introduced its Chiva Sleep Center providing Home sleep test service, Hospital sleep test service, and Sleep disorder treatment services in Thailand.

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